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BlueSpring is the leading project partner, though-leader and technical expert when it comes to innovative offshore renewable energy solutions. They form a think tank for ocean energy technology integrated solutions, new developments and sector education.

They are one of the partners working on projects like Energising Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy (ENCORE), environmental monitoring of dam-integrated tidal power plant and, floating platform for tidal power near Texel. Their 25 year experience in the field would allow them to make use of their public and private connections to research into new technologies for renewable energy.

After a quarter of a century in the field, BlueSpring realizes that the emerging field of Blue Economy requires a lot  of skills, knowledge and talent. Hence, they are dedicated to developing training and education to advance the sector. They work together closely with national and international universities and training partners to create high-quality contact on ocean renewable energy and re-skilling the existing workforce.