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Blue Growth


Blue Growth initiative is a national strategy for the sustainable development that was launched in 2016 and its goals is to promote the growth and competitiveness of the marine and maritime sectors in Greece. These goals should always take into consideration the sustainability related issues such as preserving the marine environment and resources. To support this initiative Greek regulatory services implemented several policies and programs including funding for research and development, incentives for companies investing in the marine and maritime sectors as well as measures to improve the sustainability of fishing and aquaculture.


The strategy of the initiative focuses on several areas of the blue economy sector including maritime transport, fisheries and aquaculture, marine biotechnology, marine tourism and marine renewable energy. The development of the blue economy in Greece is based on this strategic approach through research, innovation and education of both individuals and organizations on the sector. The initiative led to several results since its launch in 2016.

In terms of the investment for entrepreneurs, the initiative has attracted significant investment to support entrepreneurs as well as funding for research and development, infrastructure projects and business development programs for organizations.

In terms of job creation, the growth of the blue economy has created new job opportunities across a range of sectors. Some examples of job creation that are supported by the initiative is in:

  • Maritime Transport: the growth of the blue economy in Greece in the last years increased the demands for maritime transport services which created new job opportunities for shipbuilders, engineers, navigators and other professionals.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture: with the promotion of development of sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices, the blue growth initiative created new job opportunities in fish farming, fish processing and and seafood distribution.
  • Marine Biotecnology: the initiative also is focusing on the potential to create new products and services in the areas of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biofuels using marine resources. The job opportunities are mainly for scientists and researchers.
  • Marine tourism: the promotion of development of marine tourism led to the creation of new opportunities in several sectors including tourism services, boat rentals and driving operations.

The importance of the initiative for the protection and preservation of the marine environment and resources led to a greater focus one sustainable fishing and aquaculture practises as well as to the development of renewable energy technologies.

Last but not least, the Blue Growth initiative emphasizes in networking and cooperation. There has been a great progress in terms of collaboration and knowledge sharing to support the sustainable development on the blue economy in Greece.


The ultimate goal of the Blue Growth initiative is to support entrepreneurs achieving their goals, create new job opportunities, stimulate economic growth and support the long- term sustainability of Greece’s marine and maritime resources. Through the organization of events, conferences and funding opportunities the initiative has already a strong impact on the blue economy sector in Greece and aims for its further development.