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Momento Hospitality Group is a family run business that owns and manages a series of prominent hospitality venues in the North Western suburbs of Sydney. Starting with a bottle shop and tavern in the 1980’s they now operate some of the most well known venues in the region and are a prominent employer with over 400 casual staff employed across the group. In 2017, with rising HR cost driven from the time taken to onboard, pay and off board staff along with staying on top of changing legislation, Momento looked into  Outsourcing Employment service.


With the group expanding, the primary requirement for Momento was to outsource the employment of its casual staff while having access to expert HR support for the internal human resource team, all at an ROI when compared to employing additional HR and payroll team members .An external provider  took over the employment of all casual staff for Momento shifting them to an external provider giving greater flexibility and cost savings. The external provider implemented a system  which automated the onboarding and offboarding, leave management and timesheeting process for all casual staff which also streamlined the rostering process for Momento across each of itstis venues. A specified accounting system was used for payroll processing as it connected HR records and their accounting systems improving the review, approval and reporting for each pay cycle. The external provider HR team managed all workplace grievances and claims while providing on demand advice and support to the internal HR team of Momento.


Through outsourcing all casual staff to the external provider  and gaining access to a dedicated HR advisor, the internal HR team at Momento have been able to shift their focus onto internal activities with the confidence that all employment processes are being managed in a streamlined and compliant fashion.