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EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION Seafood Training Programmes In 2020 the ISO 9001:2015 Certification was awarded to BIMÔÇÖs National Fisheries College of Ireland for the delivery of Maritime Training and Education. Attaining this internationally recognised standard for quality management systems, ensures that prospective...

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EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION This company, with its headquarters located in the Gabriel y Galán Lake (Cáceres, Extremadura), has become a benchmark for leisure and tourist water activities in the Extremadura region. Thus, since the year PANTHOS manages the activities of the Isla de Valdecañas Nautical...

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Mar Interior

EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION: In 2020, a consortium formed by several public and private entities and experts in the marine and educational fields, launched the project “Inland Sea: an ocean of opportunities in the heart of Galicia” in order to bring scientific knowledge about the marine environment...

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Cádiz Atlántica

EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION Cádiz Atlántica is an Andalusian company that focuses on creating and offering cultural and gastronomic tourism experiences around the city of Cádiz and the Atlantic Ocean, creating an immersive experience through local fishing, archaeology and gastronomy. This tourist offer,...

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The Alqueva region, where the Alqueva Reservoir is located, is an area of cross-border cooperation between Spain and Portugal. This area is located in the Guadiana River basin and covers an area of more than 26,000 km┬▓, of which approximately 8,500 km┬▓ are in Spanish territory and the rest in Portuguese...

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EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION: In recent decades, numerous plans and visions have been developed for Northeast Friesland by various government to lift the region out of impoverishment. With the exception of a few, all these plans have ended up in a drawer and the impoverishment and decline are gradually...

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