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EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION Seafood Training Programmes In 2020 the ISO 9001:2015 Certification was awarded to BIM’s National Fisheries College of Ireland for the delivery of Maritime Training and Education. Attaining this internationally recognised standard for quality management systems, ensures that prospective...

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EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION The BlueNet project, composed of an interdisciplinary team of more than twenty Spanish professionals, arose from the ultimate need to estimate and reduce the marine debris in the Bay of Biscay derived from port activity and fishing in the area. It is thus a project of great...

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Cornelis Vrolijk

EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION: Catching, breeding and processing high quality fish and shrimp in a sustainable and responsible manner to leave the planet in the best possible condition for future generations sums up Cornelis Vrolijk. Just like any available resource, the sea is limited. This is why sustainable...

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Ab Kasnäsudden Oy

Introduction of Kasnäsudden We bring this example to you to emphasize the multiple ways a tourism enterprise can implement sustainability principals in its activities and everyday operation. The company Ab Kasnäsudden Oy with its Hotel & Spa Kasnäs and restaurant Kasnäs Paviljong is a family-owned...

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Inishowen Maritime Museum & Planetarium

The core aim of the Maritime Museum is to promote and conserve the local maritime history and culture of Inishowen and to help encourage a sense of responsibility for local heritage through preservation and education. The Inishowen Maritime Museum achieve this aim through identifying, collecting...

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Regional Skills

EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION: Alueellisia osaamisfoorumeita (Regional Skills Fora) on yhdeksän:⦁ yhdistävät ihmisiä alueillaan, jotta he voivat vastata osaamistarpeisiinsa.⦁ varmistavat, että työnantajat ja yritykset saavat tarvitsemansa koulutusvastaukset.⦁ Jokaisella foorumilla on vapaaehtoinen puheenjohtaja...

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