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How to manage your remote staff

INTRODUCTION Working from home has been a hot topic over the last few years, and has been on the rise. But how do you decide that remote working is something for your organisation and how do you manage your remote employees once you have decided to implement remote working? These are crucial questions...

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Innovation in the workplace

INTRODUCTION  Innovation. adaptability and flexibility within the workplace has never been as valued as it is right now. Most employees do not want to feel bound to their desks for eight hours per day now, especially after experiencing the openness of remote work.  Lessened commutes and the ability...

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Innovation in recruitment processes – Online platforms and sources for staff recruitment

INTRODUCTION  Innovation in recruitment processes is the use of new methods to attract candidates. These new methods can include the use of technologies, machine learning and data analytics. This topic is an important area of focus for businesses, organizations and industries.  The recruitment process...

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