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The company “Barco del Tajo” is a river tourism company located in the region of Extremadura, Spain. Its main activity is to offer tourist cruises on the Tagus River, one of the main rivers of the region, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural and monumental landscapes along its banks aboard its boats.

The company offers different types of cruises to suit the needs and preferences of its customers, such as day cruises, night cruises, theme cruises and cruises for groups. Day cruises allow you to enjoy the river and its surroundings during the day, while night cruises offer a different experience thanks to the illumination of the monuments and the city.

In addition, the company also offers a wide range of services on board its boats, such as catering, live music and animation, to ensure that visitors have a pleasant and complete experience during their cruise on the Tagus River. Following this same line, Barco de Tajo collaborates with other companies and stakeholders dedicated to tourism and leisure at regional level in order to offer more complete experiences to its clients, for example, in the gastronomy sector.

The entire range of theoretical and leisure activities offered by Barco del Tajo is available on its corporate website and it is possible to take a look at how they are developed in their profiles on social networks.

Barco del Tajo aligns with the main objectives of the BLUE-C project by promoting sustainability and responsible use of Extremadura’s river resources, and could be seen as part of a broader effort to protect and preserve aquatic ecosystems at both regional and national level.

In this sense, both initiatives could be seen as part of a global effort to address environmental challenges related to water management and marine environmental protection.