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The Alqueva region, where the Alqueva Reservoir is located, is an area of cross-border cooperation between Spain and Portugal. This area is located in the Guadiana River basin and covers an area of more than 26,000 km², of which approximately 8,500 km² are in Spanish territory and the rest in Portuguese territory. Cooperation in the Alqueva region focuses on the sustainable development of the area’s natural and cultural resources and the promotion of tourism and the local economy.

One of the main results of this cooperation of public-private entities between countries is the construction of a large dam on the Guadiana River, which has resulted in a reservoir that extends along both banks of the river and is the largest artificial lake in Western Europe.

This project has enabled a more efficient and sustainable use of water for agriculture, hydropower and biodiversity conservation. In addition, cooperation between Spain and Portugal has been essential for the joint management of this water resource, which benefits both parties and has improved the quality of life of local communities in the region.

The Alqueva project is a good example of how cross-border cooperation can contribute to sustainable development and the well-being of local communities on both sides of the border. Moreover, it has fostered integration and cohesion between the territories involved and has established a model for water resource management that can be replicated in other regions of Europe and the world.

In this sense, it is possible to link this example with the BLUE-C project in terms of positive impact on the region through the co-creation and collaborative development of sustainable solutions for the sector and promoting the efficient use of resources, since in order to harness the water resources of the Guadiana River for the development of agriculture, tourism and hydroelectric power generation, a 250 km² freshwater reserve has been created that has generated a direct, positive economic and social impact on the region.

Therefore, this cooperation between Spain and Portugal in the Alqueva area can be seen as an example to generate innovative and sustainable solutions for regional development.