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The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials of companies are becoming more important in the corporate world. EU wide regulation is increasingly pointing towards making bank lending and capital markets’ financing much easier for those businesses which have a sustainable investing mind-set.


AX Group has recently placed a considerable investment in photovoltaic energy. AX Group has always been known for long term investments, for being visionary and market leaders in the area.. The location where the power plant is located was a quarry spreading over 90,000 square meters of land. The land was an eyesore and it was later used as a landfill for construction and demolition of waste.

In the hospitality sector AX group have  furthermore implemented a number of strategies recently to operate as sustainable as possible

  • Eliminated plastic bottles in accommodation rooms, and replaced them with reusable, refillable bottles
  • Replaced our old company van with an electric one
  • Separating waste, including making use of a BCRS machine
  • Reduced printing and paper usage drastically
  • Stopped ordering individually packed yogurts and are now ordering large tubs in bulk