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The BlueNet project, composed of an interdisciplinary team of more than twenty Spanish professionals, arose from the ultimate need to estimate and reduce the marine debris in the Bay of Biscay derived from port activity and fishing in the area.

It is thus a project of great relevance in the national blue economy sector in recent years, betting on cooperation with the marine and fishing ecosystem in the area in the development of technological and innovative solutions to protect the environment and maritime resources.

BlueNet strives to remain at the forefront of maritime technology, investing in research and development to continue offering innovative solutions to its customers and participating in turn in other national and European projects in pursuit of the same goals. In addition, Bluenet also prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, working to minimize the environmental impact of maritime activities and promoting more sustainable practices in the industry. Special emphasis is given to the reuse of plastic found in the litter, developing a lab to devise and co-create new circular solutions.

To achieve this, BlueNet developed a training program for blue economy professionals to increase and update their skills in the collection and management of marine litter generated by fishing and aquaculture.

In conclusion, BlueNet seeks to promote the adoption of advanced technologies in the maritime industry, with the aim of improving the efficiency and sustainability of maritime operations and reducing environmental pollution, through research, training and mobilization of the ecosystem as a whole.