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Cádiz Atlántica


Cádiz Atlántica is an Andalusian company that focuses on creating and offering cultural and gastronomic tourism experiences around the city of Cádiz and the Atlantic Ocean, creating an immersive experience through local fishing, archaeology and gastronomy.

This tourist offer, difficult to replicate in other parts of Europe, is based on natural coastal environments of the highest historical, archaeological, scenic and environmental value, as well as unique spaces of incredible uniqueness and management.

To this end, the founding team has established an interesting network of interdisciplinary collaborators specialized in different areas (e.g. local gastronomy, archaeology and event organization) that allows the development of high quality and carefully selected products and services and favors the consolidation of a collaborative business network that enhances its activity in different areas and sectors.

This is a very interesting example of co-creation and collaboration that, at the same time, pays special attention to the creation of a link between the millenary traditions of the Cadiz society and today’s world, developing innovative synergies from the perspective of sustainability.

In addition, in order to communicate its value proposition and tourism offer, Cádiz Atlántica has its own website and profiles on Facebook and Instagram, where it shares its storytelling and marketing activities to build and promote its product, and create interest in potential customers.

You can discover a little more about this initiative in the following video presentation:

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