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Cornelis Vrolijk


Catching, breeding and processing high quality fish and shrimp in a sustainable and responsible manner to leave the planet in the best possible condition for future generations sums up Cornelis Vrolijk. Just like any available resource, the sea is limited. This is why sustainable fishing is important. Cornelis Vrolijk contributes to scientific research into fish and fish stock. These researches provides scientists and politicians with insights to set quotas responsibly. When the company started years ago, they only fished for herring however, as time passes, they diversify their fishing techniques and in return, they are able to fish different species of fishes. When the different fishing methods are used in the right season it guarantees optimal quality.

To ensure that the impact of their business to the ecosystem is as little as possible, they reshaped their sustainability strategy in 2021. The have identified 6 focus areas; biodiversity and ecosystems, healthy food, emissions, taking care of people, circularity and chain responsibility.