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Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) is a company that was first established in 1977. It offers a wide range of services and products dedicated to environmental protection. Some of the services include emergency response services for oil and chemical spills, waste management treatment as well as training in forms of online blended courses and webinars.

As a company it provides services to all types of facilities both onshore and offshore, including oil terminals, production platforms, shipyards, power stations, ports, harbors and marinas.

Also, companies on the blue economy sector can benefit from EPE expertise in:

  • Identification and assessment of environmental risks associated with their activities.
  • Marine pollution prevention and response by providing pollution prevention and response services to help companies in the blue economy sector to manage and mitigate the risks of marine pollution.
  • Coastal zone management by providing coastal zone management services to help companies develop sustainable practices that minimize the impact of their activities on the coastal environment.
  • Marine environmental monitoring by providing marine environmental monitoring services to help companies comply with environmental regulations and monitor the impact of their activities on the marine environment.

Overall, Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) can help companies in the blue economy sector to develop sustainable practices and comply with environmental regulations by providing a range of environmental services related to the marine and coastal environment.