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Incubazul (High Technology Incubator) is a project whose vocation is to generate, develop and promote ideas that contribute to the sustainability of such a necessary resource as the marine one, nourished by everything it contributes to today’s society from a Circular Economy approach and commitment to the environment.

The High Technology Incubator arises from the real need to attract entrepreneurs, generate spaces of opportunity and enable the arrival of new and attractive initiatives that come to Cadiz attracted by the project and by the knowledge generated in the area. Thus, the objective is to promote Innovation and Technology Transfer to Micro-SMEs in the Blue Economy Sector in Andalusia from the municipality of Cadiz.

It is, therefore, to accompany, nurture and consolidate business initiatives that are linked to the sea and natural resources and that may include subsectors such as marine bioresources, coastal tourism, long and short distance maritime navigation, recreational boating and ports, aquaculture, fishing, coastal protection, offshore wind energy, blue biotechnology, desalination, marine aquatic products, marine mineral extraction and a long etcetera that encompasses everything that makes the oceans and their sustainability a habitat in which to develop projects that result in economic and social development.

To achieve its objectives of attracting and promoting talent, periodic calls for participation are opened in different categories, but under a common umbrella: that of medium-term support and mentoring for the consolidation of innovative business initiatives related to the blue economy in the region. This is a free program that also facilitates and encourages the development of networking and access to new sources of funding.

In addition, Incabazul makes available to all those interested in entrepreneurship in the economic sector a free Blueway training program that can be accessed from:

This High Technology incubator project for the promotion of innovation and technology transfer in the Blue Economy sector is a good example for the initiative of companies seeking to develop projects to implement the objectives and goals of BLUE-C in their business environment. In this way, Incubazul brings together in one project all the requirements sought by BLUE-C for sustainable development, the search for business synergies and the inclusion of new technologies in the business environment.