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Mar Interior


In 2020, a consortium formed by several public and private entities and experts in the marine and educational fields, launched the project “Inland Sea: an ocean of opportunities in the heart of Galicia” in order to bring scientific knowledge about the marine environment and raise awareness of the opportunities of the blue environment/economy in the inland regions of Galicia (those that have no direct access to the sea in a Spanish region that historically has been closely linked to maritime activity due to its nearly 1,500km of coastline).

In this way, the aim was to bring the educational community of Lugo and Monforte closer to the importance of the sea and its conservation.

In addition, collaboration between institutions, companies and organizations is encouraged for the joint development of initiatives and programs that contribute to the promotion of knowledge and conservation of the sea in Galicia, as well as the promotion of economic development and job creation in the inland areas of Galicia through the exploitation of maritime resources.

Seeking to promote environmental awareness and education in science and technology among young people, various activities were organized, such as workshops and educational programs for primary and secondary school students, and informative talks open to the general public. These activities included the exhibition of explanatory panels and photographs, talks on marine biodiversity and its importance for the economy and society, awareness-raising activities on pollution and sustainable management of marine resources, and visits to research centers and companies in the maritime sector.

The relevance of this project, potentially replicable in other inland communities both in Spain and at European level, lies in the massive awareness of the importance of preserving the marine environment, but also of the potential opportunities that the blue economy represents for future professionals in different industries, such as tourism, scientific research, maritime and port activity, leisure, gastronomy, education and outreach,…. always from the perspective of sustainability and the creation of a positive impact for the community.

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El Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo acercará el mar a Monforte