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This company, with its headquarters located in the Gabriel y Galán Lake (Cáceres, Extremadura), has become a benchmark for leisure and tourist water activities in the Extremadura region. Thus, since the year PANTHOS manages the activities of the Isla de Valdecañas Nautical Club, a highly sought-after area, and in its reservoir you can practise all kinds of water-related activities. On top of that, its range of products includes astro-tourism, an activity that in recent years has been gaining popularity among nature lovers.

Their offer of tourist and outdoor leisure experiences is based on innovation and respect for the natural environment where they offer their activities, and they do so from a perspective of inclusivity so that all people, regardless of their possible limitations – physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities – have access to their services. 

In order to be able to develop and generate a large number of experiences, the company works closely with a wide network of local and regional partners in a huge variety of sectors – hospitality, gastronomy, coaching, regional policy makers, etc. -, in such a way that they contribute to the creation of professional networks and solid synergies (especially relevant in rural areas that currently face important demographic challenges) and to the enrichment of the economy of Extremadura by combining the aquatic and astro-tourism offer with other types of tourism, such as the popular gastronomic tourism. They can even co-create ad-hoc experiences with their clients to ensure their satisfaction and the full enjoyment of their leisure time!

Another of the strengths of this company dedicated to exploiting the resources of Extremadura’s blue economy is its meticulous digital presence (website and blog) and on social networks, with corporate profiles on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but it also has a newsletter where it shares news with clients, members of its network and all those interested in keeping up to date with future experiences organised by PHANTOS and its collaborators throughout Extremadura. In this sense, the professional use of its Facebook profile to create a community can be highlighted.