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Port of Barcelona


The seaport of Barcelona, the most important logistics hub in the Mediterranean, is recognised for its excellence in the implementation and use of innovative technologies to improve its maritime activity. This investment in technology has made it possible to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the management of maritime traffic and the performance of operations at the port.

Examples include the implementation of real-time monitoring systems – such as the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMIS), the Traffic Information System (TIS) and the Container Management System (CMS) – allowing for better planning and coordination of operations. It also uses AI and machine learning for decision making, which therefore results in reduced berthing time and operating costs, as well as improved planning and efficiency of port operations.

Its commitment to the digitisation and streamlining of daily operations makes the Port an example for other national and European ports in the creation of synergies and innovation between the maritime and technological sectors, but for the purposes of Blue-C its presence in the digital environment is particularly relevant, since the Port of Barcelona leads the ranking prepared by Blackpool Digital to measure the digital presence of Spanish ports.

With a presence on the main current social platforms and a website available in several languages, the content published by the Port of Barcelona on its profiles focuses on the dissemination of messages about the importance of sustainability, the preservation of local businesses, the holding of events relevant to the blue economy sector, news about the sector… applying storytelling approaches to connect with its audience and potential future customers, with whom it seeks to generate win-win professional relationships by providing value from the online environment itself.