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The maintenance of systems and the support of service logistics are significant operating expenses in the maritime industry. Due to the very varied and generally challenging conditions for ships and subsystems, as well as the complexity and high capital value of the assents employed in this industry.

In this industry, assets are frequently placed far away from major cities. the fact that unplanned maintenance comes at a very significant cost. This is why planning is a key component of preventative maintenance.

A corrosion tool being created by Port4Innovation1 will allow users to forecast maintenance needs based on wear. Owners of assets, ships, or installations, service providers, and logistics partners can more effectively plan replacement and maintenance with the use of the corrosion modelling tool. In fact, this estimate may result in a twenty to forty percent cost reduction.

Most standard operating procedures in the maritime sector perform maintenance and material replacement every 5 years as a precaution, while said materials may last ten years without any issues. This procedure is extremely costly and an unnecessary waste of money and materials.