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Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland

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The Principles of Sustainable Tourism are set by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland, the body in Finland, which uses, manages, and protects state-owned land and water areas. It is a state-owned enterprise producing environmental services for customers, ranging from private individuals to major companies. Metsähallitus is responsible, for example, for the management of Finnish national parks, one of the country’s major tourist attractions. Finland has 41 national parks, many of which are located in fragile marine and coastal regions. Metsähallitus has created in co-operation with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Finland common principles of sustainable tourism. They are guidelines on how to work together with the managing parties to enable the use of protected areas also for tourism. The activities performed in these sites need to concur with conservation objectives.

“We promote sustainable tourism. In order to achieve this goal, we cooperate to…”:

The Principles of Sustainable Tourism comprise six different, well-explained guidelines to ensure sustainable use of the protected areas. They are observed in all activities and co-operation taking place with tourism entrepreneurs.

The six Principles are:

Principle 1: Support the presentation of valuable features at the sites and promote their protection

Principle 2: Minimise the load on the environment

Principle 3: Strengthen local aspects

Principle 4: Promote use of the sites to increase health and wellbeing

Principle 5: Promote growth and job creation in the local economy

Principle 6: Communicate together the values and services of the site

Please visit the source for more detailed description of the contents of the principles at

These guidelines offer an excellent guiding principle for any tourism enterprise to increase sustainability and responsibility in their operation.

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Metsähallitus. Sustainable tourism in protected areas – digital guide. (Spoken in Finnish with English subtitles)

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