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Circular economy – Recycle your cooking oil

Introduction of the example provider – Real circularity!

Dependence on fossil fuels requires a new approach and innovative energy solutions. For this, VG Ecofuel has built a plant to produce bio oil. It is located in the vicinity of a biogas plant, wherefrom VG Ecofuel gets the energy needed in its processes. On the other hand, the waste generated in the bio oil production will in turn be used as raw material for the biogas production. Circularity in action! The produced bio oil replaces fossil fuels on Meriaura Group’s ships reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The company VG EcoFuel is located in Turku, Finland. It is a member of Meriaura Group, which focuses on shipping, and on bio and circular economy. It visions to be a forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative, and solution-oriented transport services.

How is recycling of cooking oil organised?

VG Ecofuel collects used oils, such as cooking oils, all over Finland, takes them to their own plant, processes them, and finally, uses the outcome. The recycling system is easy as the restaurants, bakeries or grills, for example, can take their oils to collection points or, in case of large quantities, they can have their own collecting container. Recycling is free of charge.

Your benefits from recycling

Now you must be asking what are the benefits from recycling your waste oil? In addition to contributing to decreasing environmental impacts, you will save time and effort. You will also save some money for not needing to pay for the waste collection. In addition, you will have the possibility to use the recycling label in your communication towards your customers. It will show the visitors that you are running a responsible company.

This company is only one example – cooking oil is collected by other companies as well. See some examples under the section Links & publications.

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