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Ab Kasnäsudden Oy

Introduction of Kasnäsudden

We bring this example to you to emphasize the multiple ways a tourism enterprise can implement sustainability principals in its activities and everyday operation. The company Ab Kasnäsudden Oy with its Hotel & Spa Kasnäs and restaurant Kasnäs Paviljong is a family-owned enterprise, which thrives for responsible and sustainable tourism and development. It is a subsidiary of the company Ab Salmonfarm Oy. Kasnäsudden is located in the Archipelago Sea area, which is renowned for its thousands of islands and beautiful and fragile nature. It is a prerequisite for a tourism business to operate there to do it in a responsible manner.

Kasnäsudden has certified their products and services with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. In practice, this means that the enterprise can offer their visitors healthier and safer products and services with a smaller environmental impact. The criteria for the Ecolabel is to consider the environmental impact from several aspects. Kasnäsudden has also been certified by the Sustainable Travel Finland Programme. The company is located in the vicinity of its parent company Salmonfarm, which is an advantage regarding some sustainability actions, of which next. 

How does sustainability show in the daily operation?

Accessing sustainable energy

One of the main advantages of locating so near to the fish processing plant Salmonfarm is that Kasnäsudden can use the residual heat of the plant. This way the outdoor pools, the spa and the restaurant can be heated.

Kasnäsudden also uses wind energy produced on the nearby island Högsåra. All energy used in Kasnäsudden come from renewable sources.

Using seawater – even for drinking?

Yes, all the water drunk or used for bathing is actually seawater. The water is treated in Kasnäsudden’s own water treatment plant.

Waste management

Waste management as an important part of sustainable operation. The company guides also visitors to sort their waste as special waste sorting bins are available in the hotel rooms.

Locally produced products

The Kasnäsudden family business collaborates with local producers. They offer their guests local products. In their grocery store, visitors can find food from local farmers. Local food is also used in the restaurant and spa. The parent company Salmonfarm produces fish and fish products for lunch buffet and in the grocery store.

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