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The Great Bubble Barrier

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, of which the majority spills out from rivers. Therefore this pollution highway must be stopped so the ecosystem and marine life will be safe. The Bubble Barrier is the first company to use the technology of bubble curtain to capture plastic pollution in rivers.

There are four ways in which The Great Bubble Barrier helps protect rivers and oceans form plastic pollution.

  1. Catching River Plastics

The bubble barrier will not only catch plastic floating atop the river but also ones that are below the surface since the barrier covers the full width and depth of the river.

  • Raising Awareness

Once the debris is collected in the catchment system, it can shed light to just how much debris can be found in the rivers.

  • Monitoring the catch

Research on the amount, brands and types of plastic helps to address the problem close to the source. Understanding the cause of the problem can stimulate new policies concerning plastic pollution.

  • River waste management

Some benefits of bubble barrier include, safe for fish passage, extensive reach, versatile, increased amounts in dissolved oxygen, operates 24/7 and open for ship traffic.