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Grow Remote Irish Chapter 


The Grow Remote Irish Chapter from inception in early 2020 amid the Covid 19 crisis is more than just an Irish success story, it’s a global phenomenon with 3 million engaged online and 130 Chapters across 17 countries.

Other interesting facts relating to Ireland.

  • 240+ events ran in local communities.
  • shared globally, 40,000+ Slack interactions and messages.
  • almost 8,000 email requests answered regarding working remotely.
  • Some 10,000 People have engaged offline at workshops in local communities.
  • 221 personnel trained to in the skill of growing remote
  • 45 companies worked with one-to-on on the transition to remote
  • 200 Managers trained in the skill of managing remote teams

Supports for SMEs in the Blue Economy:

Grow remote has many functions; in supporting the vision of employers who want to take the steps to implement a successful remote working environment to supporting these companies to Inform and engage staff of so they can be part of the journey. Grow Remote also opens many more communication and training channels so that companies, staff and support partners are part of the wider community with access to global as well as national data to make the right decisions.