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Hotel Kakola

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When you are planning, initiating or enlarging your business, you may find useful tips from Hotel Kakola example. Environmental issues and responsibility were taken into account right from the design of the hotel. Some of the old structures of the building have been preserved, and the timber from the floors of the main building, hand-carved in the 1840s, have been reused in the courtyard structures, among other things. The soundproofing of the premises has been realised using Finnish peat panels. In the procurement of machinery and equipment, energy efficiency has been a crucial factor in the selection process, and eco-friendliness has also been taken into account in the water flow of taps and mixers.

Sustainability and Local Choices

In Kakola Hotel rooms, there are no minibars, since they are seen as unnecessary energy guzzlers, and they also cause food waste. However, every room has a Finnish MySoda sparkling water maker that quickly turns the tap water into sparkling water. Finnish drinking water is of good quality, and water from the tab is safe to drink. MySoda uses gas bottles for sparkling water production, and the CO2 cylinders only contain gas that has been carefully filtered, cleansed and turned into the cleanest possible form of C02.

The restaurant hotel Ruben focuses on pure Finnish food from local producers. Even the crockery has been locally produced, as it comes from Kustavin Savipaja, a pottery studio in Kustavi, a small seaside region nearby. Food waste monitoring and reduction is part of the daily routine.

The hotel has an environmental manager, and sustainability issues form part of the orientation and are discussed in each team meeting. The hotel’s values are also communicated to the guests, and the hotel offers opportunities for recycling, energy saving and ecological mobility.

Hotel Kakola is committed to complying with environmental legislation and reducing its environmental impact. In the future, the hotel will run on completely fossil-free energy. The hotel’s electricity, district heating and cooling is produced entirely with renewable energy. Solar cells on the roof of the building are under construction.

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Kakola, Turku, Finland:

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