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Seafood Training Programmes

In 2020 the ISO 9001:2015 Certification was awarded to BIM’s National Fisheries College of Ireland for the delivery of Maritime Training and Education. Attaining this internationally recognised standard for quality management systems, ensures that prospective students can be certain any training they receive across all of BIM’s training sites will be of a consistently high standard.

These accredited Seafood Training Programmes and workshops are available across all sectors of the Irish Seafood Industry. Whether you are a novice entrant looking to explore a new career path in the Fishing, Aquaculture or Retail and Processing sector, our courses will allow you to develop key skills in a specific area; we also provide skills development for existing members of the seafood industry to add value, both on an individual professional basis and to the overall seafood business.

Professional Development

BIM collaborate with external organisations including Irish Business and Employers Confederation (Ibec), offering continuous professional development (CPD) courses, such as the Mid Management Development Programme; and the South East Technological University (SETU) Higher Diploma in Business in Fisheries & Aquaculture . We can help you and your team develop key skills with training for all sectors of the Irish Seafood Industry, from upskilling in your existing area, to exploring new career pathways for new entrants to the sector.


You also may be eligible to apply for funding towards course fees and subsistence costs incurred when you undertake your training. See here for more details about our Seafood Funding Training scheme.