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PANTHOS – Inclusive Leisure Sports in Natural Spaces

It is a company from Extremadura that organises all kinds of water activities for tourists, groups, families or corporate events, paying special attention to their accessibility.

Reducing food waste to increase sustainability in tourism

This Case study on Reducing food waste to increase sustainability in tourism comes from a Finnish shipping company Viking Line, which has taken many steps in its operation to increase sustainability and, also, to protect the Baltic Sea.

Sustainable Travel Finland to Support Sustainable Practices in Companies and Destinations

Sustainable Travel Finland label (STF) provides companies and destinations with a concrete toolkit for sustainable travel, which facilitates the adoption of sustainable measures and choices in the everyday operations of a region or company.

Digital Open Badges – Microcredentials to Increase Competence in Sustainable Tourism

Digital Open Badges – Microcredentials to Increase Competence in Sustainable Tourism are being developed for the Finnish tourism and hospitality professionals and those currently outside the labour force in order to support flexible forms of upskilling and validating their skills and competences.

Fáilte Ireland

Fáilte Ireland is the national tourism body in Ireland. Their role is supporting the long-term sustainable growth across all sectors in Ireland.

Donegal Education and Training Board [ETB]

Donegal ETB is the largest education and training provider in Donegal, providing a broad range of education and training services to around 25,000 students and learners on an annual basis.

Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT)

Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT) is a non-profit organization that aims to bring together individuals as well as organizations in the maritime industry.

Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association

Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA) is a non-profit organization that provides environmental education and training programs for employees in the maritime industry.

Blue Growth

It is an initiative for the sustainable development of the marine and maritime sectors in Greece.

Native Rose Hotel and Harts Pub

In early 2017 the companies accountant recommended that cost savings, improved compliance and more time could be gained through outsourcing the HR and Payroll requirements to an external provider


In 2017, with rising HR cost driven from the time taken to onboard, pay and off board staff along with staying on top of changing legislation, Momento looked into Outsourcing Employment service.

Reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture

The study shows that running a crowdfunding campaign very often serves other purposes beyond finance, such as audience development, community engagement, skills development, promotion and market research


Simon poured his passion and energy into making a Super Bicycle. The main component of the SuperCycle – called SuperWheel – would be environmentally friendly and would give the user the ability to convert human power (weight) into energy that would improve cycling efficiency.

EnvironSmart Navigation Natura

It is an entity specialized in the development of technological solutions with smart technology implementation, also in the blue economy sector.

Alqueva – cross-border cooperation in Alqueva region (Extremadura & Portugal)

The Alqueva region is an area of cross-border cooperation between Spain and Portugal whose economic activity revolves largely around the exploitation of its aquatic resources.

Zero Emission Services (ZES)

Zero Emission Services (ZES) aims to create a more sustainable inland shipping possible with a new, clean and affordable transportation system

The Great Bubble Barrier

Capturing plastic pollution through a bubble barrier in rivers.


Boskalis is a leading global contractor and service provider that provides innovative and competitive all-around solution from their unique combination of experts, vessels an services to their clients in the offshore energy sector, ports and coastal and delta regions of the world.

Skillnet Ireland

Review of the value proposition of Skillnet Ireland networks and funding model to local and national employers against the current backdrop of offerings from traditional college provision. Skillnet Ireland’s Mission Statement “Helping businesses in Ireland to be the best they can be, through innovative and enterprise-driven people development”.