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Incubazul was created as a business incubator in Cadiz that aims to be a benchmark for the blue economy throughout Spain and to promote talent and innovative ideas with the seas and oceans as the main focus.


Predictive technology for preventative maintenance of assets in the maritime sector that can cut unnecessary costs up to 40%.

A review of the main programmes and certificates for responsible tourism development

Dozens of different programmes, systems and certifications are available for tourism companies to develop responsible tourism. These certificates provide a number of tools for enterprises to develop their practices and products to be more responsible. Many of the certificates offer initial status surveys, a continuous development model, communication support, and instructions for creating an action plan. Some of the systems and programmes cover all aspects of sustainable tourism, others emphasize minimizing environmental impacts.

Sustainable Gateways

This example is based on the project and report of the Small Ports – Sustainable Gateways to Coastal National Parks (Sustainable Gateways) project. The project developed small boat harbours located in the Finnish and Swedish outer archipelagos. The key infrastructure of the involved harbours was improved, infrastructure such as floating piers and service buildings, leading to more sustainable and pleasant gateways to travel in the sensitive marine and coastal area. The project was led by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife, Finland.

Ab Kasnäsudden Oy

This example describes how one family-owned tourism resort implements a variety of sustainable practices in its daily operation. The resort operates in the Archipelago area of the Southwest Finland.

Local Enterprise Offices

Local Enterprise Office Donegal is the dedicated small business resource within Donegal County Council for promoting entrepreneurship within Donegal and for promoting the formation of new businesses in the county.

Blue Growth

Blue Growth is an initiative that aims to inspire and help entrepreneurs the innovative concepts regarding marine and freshwater resources.

Marine Money Greece

Marine Money Greece is a financial technology (Fintech Company) that provides financial solutions and services to the shipping sector.