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Waste Management & Circularity

Are you curious about new opportunities for waste management? Do you want to make money from it? Then a circular approach might be for you, read more here!


This Bite Size unit focuses on green practices, and how these practices can even bring benefits to companies while steering them towards more sustainable operation.


A sustainable workplace supports and promotes environmental, economic, and social sustainability, with the potential to generate positive impacts in the community. However, achieving lasting sustainability in a workplace requires raising awareness among one’s staff. Learn more!

How to manage your remote staff

The main aim of this topic is to help employers or managers in the consideration to choose for remote work and how to manage the remote staff once chosen to work remotely.


Upskilling your staff focuses on the opportunities that investing in your employees can bring to a small or medium business, operating across all Blue Economy sectors.

Innovation in the workplace

Learn more on how innovation in employment improves performance and working lives, and encourages the creativity of employees through positive organisational changes.

Innovation in recruitment processes – Online platforms and sources for staff recruitment

This unit is about innovation in recruitment processes using online platforms and sources for staff recruitment. The main aim is to explore the ways in which technology and digital tools are changing the recruitment landscape, and how businesses can benefit from these innovations to attract and keep top talent.

FinTech – Financial Technology for you

Aiming to provide information about the financial technology that businesses can apply to manage their economic operations, this Bite Size will present available tools related to financial technologies and guide organizations for further development.


Crowdfunding, as an open call for fundraising through the internet where a business asks the public for a contribution, usually in exchange for equity in the company, represents a key alternative for SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs when seeking investment.

Digital Marketing & Using social media for marketing purposes

Considering the current communication trends, the importance of social presence nowadays for any professional, small or large business is non-negotiable. Therefore, learning the basics of digital marketing and social media management will be essential for your professional activity.

Brand your company

The brand identity is the heart and soul of every company, it defines your organisation, it is responsible for influencing your target audience, and it differentiates you from your competitors, which is why we will dive into the topic of how to develop this brand identity.

Adaptability – Diversifying your offer for seasonal aspects

In coastal areas many businesses face the challenges of seasonality, therefore we will provide you some tips and tricks to overcome challenges of seasonality, such as diversification possibilities.

Productization & marketing

The main aim of this unit is to show how productization and marketing can be used in order to help improve your own business.


“Co-creation” aims to show the opportunities that collaboration and co-creation with other stakeholders and relevant actors in your networking ecosystem can represent for your own (prospective) business.

Creating a positive impact

Any professional or individual activity has a (potential) direct impact on the community, and making this as positive as possible should also be a priority for (new) any companies and professionals in Europe.

Mobilizing your ecosystem

“Co-creation” aims to show the opportunities that collaboration and co-creation with other stakeholders and relevant actors in your networking ecosystem can represent for your own (prospective) business.