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The training materials developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ Blue-C project aim to provide (future) professionals and SMEs, active in sectors such as tourism and blue economy, with the most demanded knowledge and skills to actively participate in their communities and collaborate with others in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the blue economy in Europe. In order to make learning more flexible and provide effective tools, we have devised “Bite Sizes” organized around 5 key Knowledge Areas that will allow you to boost your professional activity. The Finantial Savvy and Staff Management Knowledge Areas are especially aimed at entrepreneurs who are already active, with employees under their charge.

However, if this is not your case, you can use these Bite Sizes to gain inspiration and learn more about current finance and team management. On the other hand, the (Digital) Marketing Knowledge Area is especially recommended for (future) entrepreneurs, business people and professionals in departments such as sales, communication, customer service, etc. In any case, we recommend you start your journey with “Your Ecosystem”, as it lays the foundations of the Blue-C: Collaborating Coastal Communities spirit, and take advantage of the contents of “Green Approach” to become an agent of change in the care of the environment. In addition, be inspired by the collection of Case Studies and examples identified by the consortium as best practices!

your ecosystem

One of the basic principles on which the Erasmus+ Blue-C project is based is the collaborative approach of coastal communities towards their resilience. This applies both to (future) entrepreneurs, SMEs and professionals related to tourism and the blue economy, but also to complementary and co-existing sectors. In this sense, knowing one’s own ecosystem, being able to mobilize it to initiate meaningful collaboration processes (e.g. co-creation and co-design of new products or services) in a win-win situation and generate positive impacts for the community are key for everyone and, especially, useful for micro-entrepreneurs who must rely on the sector’s experience.

digital presence

Marketing, as a business vehicle to create and deliver value to (potential) customers, has always been a key part of any business activity. Today, marketing must go hand in hand with digital marketing and social media presence, as it is now necessary to communicate the offer and build relationships in the online environment. This is due to the digitalization of all aspects of our lives, so understanding the keys to digital marketing will play an essential role in your activity, and in the success of your business! Moreover, by being aware of your ecosystem and its needs, you will be able to adapt your offer accordingly and, thus, obtain better results.

Financial Savvy

Financial management and access to financing are two key aspects of entrepreneurship and the day-to-day running of small businesses, regardless of their sector of activity. Therefore, updating your knowledge and skills in this regard will be key to your professional performance. Therefore, within the “Financial Savvy” knowledge area, two of the most relevant current topics for SMEs and (future) micro-entrepreneurs are covered. That is, on the one hand, we explore the opportunities offered by crowdfunding as a financing alternative based on the mobilization of your ecosystem and collaboration with other actors and, on the other hand, the opportunities currently offered by FinTech solutions for actors of any professional sector.

Team management

The learning materials in this Area of Knowledge will be especially relevant for you, whether you are an entrepreneur with teams under your management or you hope to expand your workforce in the near future. However, we also recommend that you take a look if, for example, you want to change jobs and are interested in learning more about digital solutions to facilitate the process or if as a (future) professional you are looking to learn more about the benefits of an innovative workplace. Are you up for it?

green approach

Environmental awareness and sustainability are more and more fundamental pillars of small businesses and therefore, within the “Green Approach” knowledge area, we want to explore from a synthetic and practical perspective some business innovation opportunities that you can implement in your professional activity to contribute to the well-being of the environment. We remind you here that business consideration for the environment also has a positive impact on your community, and that this will be more powerful as you join forces collaboratively to preserve your ecosystem.


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